Jot that down

Jot that down

snippets of thought, throughout the many years.

some born, some borrowed, some real, some made-up.

no order, or dates, or names on purpose.

Smalls // < 1 sentence
  • restlessness + exploration.
  • “Let’s form a cabal: a veritable cornucopia of nefarious no gooders”
  • Cheers to squeezing every last drop of life out of every day for the past few days.
  • I don’t want to spend mental energy on you
  • wonder if there will be anything different about this cycle, you’re different now than before
  • embrace randomness
  • We’re going to live for f*cking ever
  • The things I want to vent about are too mundane to bother those I find interesting to talk to
  • Eat glass with breakfast, lunch, and dinner (perseverance)
  • Our trajectory was that of a rocket ship that failed quickly after launch
  • So much of life’s pain is just misalignment
  • But if I prioritize that I must de-prioritize this
  • You solved 1 problem by creating ten more
  • Growth is just increased dissatisfaction: both the catalyst and the result
  • Not all extroverts want you to talk to them
  • This again?
  • Mediocrity is exhausting
  • Hearing without listening
  • I love waking up and being alive
  • Stress breeds creativity
  • Follow your folly
  • Overcreation - coming up with 90 ideas when you really need 10
  • Fearless and egoless: Katie Haun said this of her favorite boss
  • Why have a dilemma when you can have a trilemma
  • high levels of coordination with low levels of centralization
  • Pretty much everyone asks how into kink you are on Bumble
  • My eyes are stinging I am doing what I used to think only old people do, cry when they’re happy
  • How are people so boldly authentic on Twitter, I can’t think of anything I could put that I wouldn’t be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings
  • The anxious attachment urge to cry because the new iOS update tells you when people don’t want to get notifications from you
  • Fun experiment if inbox zero cures your problems and clears your skin: can confirm no
  • I don’t use substances to disassociate, instead my drug of choice is people and my therapist helps me recover from binges
  • Before you ask for anything ask yourself how can I do this for myself

Mediums // > 1 sentence
  • The virtue trap keeps people relatively basic because they get stuck in cycles of resentment. Sacrifice is a breeding ground for resentment. But not caring doesn’t feel supportive either. Instead, how amazing to be so seen that what you want or need is actually encouraged.
  • “What’s a pretty girl like you doing dining alone?” “Exactly what I want to.”
  • McLuhan’s statement is an extension of this view beyond biology to technology at large. Humans are as much shaped by our technology as the shapers of it.
  • The Organization gave man access to the benefits of globalization but required conformity. Blockchains give the same access but do not insist on the same conformity
  • At a certain point, to borrow a phrase from Gordon Lish, you’re just writing to create that next perfect sentence that delights you.
  • The rush of serotonin when I see a new feature or design element on a new iOS upgrade. The rounded corners of the new text messages. The adorable stacked photos in iMessage now. Why can’t this feeling last forever. We have such regrettably ungrateful tendencies ugh
  • Handed my 1.5 year old a grocery bag and MacBook charger this morning and got a few extra minutes of rest. Am I mom of the year? No.But do I get up every day and spend every single minute trying to be the best mom I possibly can be?? Also no
  • I wish my therapist could be friends with me and still be my therapist but apparently that’s not a thing. Yet another example of how I wish the delineation between professional and personal didn’t exist
  • Every single time you go to Slack someone a question, do you tell yourself, I bet I can answer this myself because 9/10 times that is true and I want you to stop slacking me

Longs // > many sentences