Life’s BBQ

Life’s BBQ

You’re [maybe] invited.

”I saw some people having a barbecue at the local park on one of my walks. And you know what… I want to have one too. Where we invite a bunch of people who we like. And like, cook for them and talk about cool, interesting things. You know?”

This wholesome mini story [shared by Josh] struck a new way of thinking for me about an imaginary list of invitees to my life’s figurative BBQ. I suppose this is my brain sorting through the desire for community and connection with weird + nice people that I love to interact with (both IRL and on the internet), and packaging it up nicely in the palatable image of a warm Saturday in a park with the smells of Summer coming up from the grill, while I corral everyone I have some form of an internet crush on.

My ever-updated list + my own little note on admiration. But first, every list needs a key:

✅ IRL contact made [I consider this a phone call or text, but not Zoom) ⏳ IRL contact not-yet made

Maya On The Internet // the contemporary identity culture artist 💫

Perhaps the coolest person on the entire internet. Our web3 startup Interrobang invested in one of Maya’s NFT projects and I got to see her MFA thesis IRL @ UCLA and I’m inspired at every turn of her corner of the internet!

Brie Wolfson // founder, writer, and website-creator crush

if its possible to have a crush on a website, it’s this one. The organization + thoughtfulness is so cool, and Brie seems like a gem of a human. With thoughtful personal essays on depression and heartwrenching recounts of growing up

Mike from Pickaxe // the AI and video startup wizard 🪄

I overheard 3 guys nerding out on AI + Midjourney in line at a bakery and knew I wanted to be friends. I waited until one of them was filling up their Coke and blurted out the confession that I was ear-hustling their fascinating conversation and some awkwardly nervous version of “want to be friends?” came tumbling out. He was kind enough to share his hilarious project Untwitter and gracious to swap contacts. He + friends launched the Pickaxe Project, a fascinating fast growing AI workflow builder) that’s fun to use and even more fun to watch grow like crazy. I hardly know them but I’m so proud of this group of smart, cool people!

[there are more, stay tuned]

Priya // the executive coach ✨ 

Priya laughs deeply and has words that will hit your soul for weeks. One day we’ll write a book about all of the Priya Prompts ™️ we’ve learned and incorporated into daily life. For now, I have a small collection of a-ha moments, here

Alan Cooper // the recipient of the Windows Pioneer Award + co-owner of Monkey Ranch

a retired software inventor who pursued a somewhat non-standard pivot in life and still tinkers and makes his own life content for YouTube. I like that he embodies what [I imagine] YouTube originally set out to be… shared nostalgic content [instead of the manic monetizations of high octane reels with fancy titles and editing and the feverish quest for views that YouTube is today]. From what I know, he won a Windows award, had a kid that got married, and then made a life pivot to running a ranch with his wife + bestie and I really just think that’s the cutest.

✅ Amanda Keidan // single mum entrepreneur 🏨

We met in Cabo and I could tell from her DGAF mom energy that we were kindred spirits. After a nudge to push past some hesitancy to make a friend, I managed to blurt out “you seem cool and I want to know your story” and wow, what a cool story that followed – from curating custom fine jewelry pieces in New York to L.A. to owning boutique hotels in San Miguel, Mexico – her stories kept me laughing and in awe of what single mum’s can do.

Madison // the out-of-the-box therapist

funny, sassy, my first [and only] therapist to date. I’ve heard that most take several attempts at finding the right therapist for them, I completely lucked out in this arena. What started as a feeble research attempt at a marriage therapist [requirements included walking distance from my home, to further illustrate my naiveté], led to an initial therapist saying “sorry I'm too busy but here is my colleague” and me just going for the recommendation. Smash cut to splitting off to solo-therapy, she’s been the constant 1-2x per week reason I haven’t spontaneously combusted.