The Priya Prompt ™️

The Priya Prompt ™️

snippets of thought exercises, quotes, some verbatim, some summarized, some played with and re-phrased in my own way.

all from a lovely executive coach that I've met with only over the phone – never zoom or IRL (yet)!

no order or date references on purpose.

  • Think about if you want to take the lead here in living a life as someone who really does know how awesome they are
  • the growth edge for you to focus on is…
  • let’s pull on that thread a little
  • what if the opposite were true?
  • can you see how you co-created that situation?
  • stop limiting yourself and scaring yourself small
  • be ruthless today
  • on the verge of a huge breakthrough. keep going. Be brave. Feel and accept the discomfort along the way. Do the next hard thing and most importantly give yourself space and quiet time to let the new you show up and show you the way. can’t wait for you to fully meet her. You are going to LOVE her.
  • Being brave isn’t supposed to feel easy. Being brave means that we are choosing to grow and do hard things despite feeling scared or uncomfortable.
  • Shut out the noise and just focus on yourself
  • Focus on trying to unhook yourself from there being only one positive outcome
  • the goal is to get your cake and eat it too
  • THIS is your secret sauce together. SO BEAUTIFUL! Keep playing!
  • F*ck the shame. It’s just there to keep you small. No time for that.