** a day in the life of a web3 startup that we ended up pausing for now **
// i was really into slo-mo video this trip and it matched the vibes of the sleepy town of Venice **
** sometimes i spice up my to-list by not having one at all **
** an instagram friend walked the Camino de Santiago and for $5 to a Venmo, would send back a blessing. the audio in this video was her gift, and i loved it **

** a little homage to that tv show severance. sometimes it really does feel like it would be nice to have total and complete severance **
// my bff and i went to Iceland in the summer and did weeks worth of sightseeing in just a few days since it never got dark **
// my first experience recording a podcast, I learned you have to stay really close to the mic and i that i laugh a lot **