I read once to not explain about yourself by what you do, or where you live but by offering the non-obvious, the weird, the sub-surface.

  • i love pattern-finding. In data and people alike
  • data cleaning + spreadsheets is fun + soothing
  • experience curation is a way I show love
  • enneagram 7, exhaustingly so
  • my Meyers Briggs [ENTP] is debater which means I debate with myself, too. I can convince myself and unconvince myself just the same
  • i present spontaneous but have difficulty giving up control. the detail in which I plan spontaneous events show this to be true
  • a recovering people pleaser learning to undo the constant conquer of external validation. even if I don’t like you I want you to like me
  • i struggle with balance. My toxic narrative here is that balance is boring, unsuccessful
  • i have terribly high expectations, of myself and everyone else
  • in mostly any situation I have considered about 400 rich alternatives of how it can go. sometimes this results in deep joy + magic from the result of runaway imagination – sometimes I make myself cry from completely made up universes
  • i over-assign meaning as a sport