Hi, I’m Emily Something.

Hi, I’m Emily Something.

❀‿‿‿‿‿‿‿❀ update! ❀‿‿‿‿‿‿‿❀

u can text me if you want!

👋 I’ve used a few last names in my life [for non-standard reasons], so this here is the one to end them all.

💁‍♀️ I’m a [failed] business starter, [enthusiastic] chief of stuff, [curious] life learner, [careful] crypto enthusiast, [excitable] AI tinkerer, [intense] friend, and [single] mom of one.

💌 I post here in this corner of the internet for three reasons:

1️⃣ I’m addicted to attention

2️⃣ I’m practicing vulnerability, and admire those that share themselves on the internet [despite the cyber bullies and risks]

3️⃣ I have a lot to share and no idea how to organize, so this is my attempt to learn while doing.

☀️ Today-ish ⤵️:

Most recently I’m Chief of Staff / acting CFO of an 8 figure media company, a Board observer for a puzzle company, raising a mid pandemic-born toddler, dreaming up creative projects, and forever trying to answer the question “what’s next”. I still get more emails than I’d like but still overall love Mondays, which is one of my KPI’s for a GoodLife™️. I’m really good at signing up for things I probably shouldn’t, but it's how I learn best. I’m usually drawn to impossibilities and turning them into triumphs with some wild life stories along the way that someday I’ll share in excruciating detail. This has all resulted in an interesting, somewhat exhausting enneagram 7 kind of life and a lot of learnings from leagues of therapists + educators.

💼 A little more history ⤵️:

I’ve worked in biomedical manufacturing, travel + leisure, clinical studies, social media, consumer goods, and web3 which really just means I’m interested in everything.

I make drone videos, take photographs, make magazines, and write personal anecdotes when I’m experiencing big feelings and breakthroughs.

I studied finance in school although I would’ve preferred to study film or design, and still cry over corporate tax strategy.

I’ve started a few silly businesses over time: wedding + portrait photography [which peaked at taking photos of a famous pig’s birthday party], a cinnamon import/ecommerce online shop, and most laughably a record label + touring/production company I created for my first boyfriend’s band [that still makes 20 monthly listeners very happy, hopefully].

But most notable of all of my well-intended dreams was the management consulting company that I quit my corporate day job for that eventually led me on a path to 2 board seats and a few stints at various roles like Executive Assistant, Labs, Chief of Staff, and CFO alongside my two favorite nerdtrepreneurs Josh and Abraham – so they weren’t all failures. Fail-forwards, if you will.

As a result I’ve learned to never get stuck in the same situation for long if I’m not happy, keep Monday’s my favorite day of the week, indulge in honest communication, be good at things I don’t actually like, rarely be satisfied, and co-create magic that is worth story-telling to anyone who’ll listen.❤️‍🔥